Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions that both attractions and resellers have about the GlobalTix system.

GlobalTix is a purely cloud-based platform.  No specialized hardware is required for an attraction to use the system.  Access is through the web or Android phone app.

Yes, GlobalTix provides free training for attraction staff to learn how to use the system.  Training includes how to set ticket types and pricing, as well as redemption and reporting.

Yes, the GlobalTix system can cater to different capacity requirements.  You can manage capacity by time slots as well as maximum seating per tour.

Yes, the GlobalTix system enables you to retain direct invoicing with your resellers.  Tickets sold through GlobalTix will be logged under each individual reseller, and our reports will give you full visibility on the volume transacted by each reseller.

You retain full pricing flexibility in the GlobalTix system.  You can set different pricing levels for different resellers, and manage pricing according to capacity and peak/off-peak periods.

GlobalTix is a neutral online marketplace for merchants and resellers to transact.  We are not a travel agent and are thus able to serve the entire market without any commercial sensitivities.

With electronic tickets, there is no longer a need for ordering, delivery and stock taking of physical tickets.  GlobalTix provides real-time reporting for faster reconciliation and analysis.

With electronic tickets, there is no need to pre-order and maintain an inventory of tickets.  On-demand purchase means that you pay as you use.  There are no more wasted tickets or revalidation requirements.

Yes, all tickets purchased through GlobalTix will be logged as your sales, not GlobalTix's, so the attraction retains awareness of your sales volume.  You may also wish to continue purchasing your tickets and settling directly with the attraction, while GlobalTix handles the ticket issuance.

Distribute your tickets to sub-agents overseas.  Give each sub-agent an account and credit limit linked to your main account so that your sub-agents can log in and issue tickets by themselves.  This cuts down on administrative and email work.  GlobalTix's real-time reports making sub-agent performance tracking and invoicing a breeze!

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