Flow House Bangkok
August 23, 2023
Flow House Bangkok

“Thanks to GlobalTix, we’re now also able to accept bookings online 24/7! We’ve also been able to keep our staff at the office with fewer customer calls.”

– Flow House Bangkok


Flow House Bangkok faced several challenges in their ticketing process prior to partnering with GlobalTix. They depended on traditional methods like phone bookings and walk-ins, which were manual and inefficient. Moreover, they lacked the necessary tools for handling online bookings, which hindered their ability to reach an international audience.


By partnering with GlobalTix, Flow House Bangkok was able to streamline their ticketing process and offer online bookings to customers. GlobalTix’s cloud-based ticketing platform allowed for real-time ticket sales and inventory management, reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction. Additionally, GlobalTix provided transparent data, including insights on the best sales channel, which Flow House Bangkok used to enhance their overall business strategy.


Partnering with GlobalTix has provided Flowhouse Bangkok with a modern and efficient ticketing solution, allowing them to better serve their customers and increase revenue. The success of the partnership highlights the importance of finding the right ticketing partner to improve business operations and customer experience.

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