Use your e-ticketing system anytime and anywhere

Use your e-ticketing system anytime and anywhere

Get your own e-ticketing system just in 5 minutes or less

Get your own e-ticketing system just in 5 minutes or less

Android and web browser based e-ticketing platform

Android and web browser based e-ticketing platform

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We Connect You to the World

We are a robust and state-of-the-art ticketing platform that connects both product owners and sellers. Simple to use, it allows you to set your pricing, appoint your agents and reach out to customers. Using web based ticketing system, QR codes are generated for your guests eliminating the hassle of collection and need for paper tickets, this dissolves borders and allows you to reach customers from all corners. The possibilities are endless with the system able to connect merchants and sellers to your attractions and events. Packaging and bundling of products can now be seamless and time-effective, making implementation of sales and marketing strategies almost effortless. In this tech savvy world, anyone with a smart device can easily access the user-friendly site or application to view and purchase products. No more bulky hardware or complicated codes to contend with, the system is just a few keystrokes away.    

Our promise to our partners

  • We will always be a dependable and credible partner, treating our partners with respect and integrity

  • We seek to be a ticketing partner that understands our customers’ needs. Empowering them to sell more through connection and technology

  • We strive to revolutionise the business of connecting and enabling attractions with their distribution channels

Our Friends! Why GlobalTix

The best e-ticketing system that suffice all your needs

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    Attractions & FNB

    We help you reach further! Tap into our network of distributors waiting to sell your products! Set your own pricing, appoint your agents and set your terms & conditions!

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    Travel Trade

    You’re practically one of us! We want to help you sell. Create your own packages & bundle or do group bookings in 1 QR code; its THAT easy!

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    Corporate/Staff Benefits

    Want to make more money? No more physical tickets. Now you have an wide range of products in your palm! Collect cash, or just wait for the commission in our account...

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    Planning An Event?

    All you need is an Android device! We link you to an easy and affordable means to sell tickets! Tap into our network of distributors. Fuss free deployment.

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    Our Guests!

    You’re our favourite people, so we want to make it even easier for you to have fun! No more paper tickets. Just you and a QR code!


We are proud to work with some of world’s leading attractions and travel partners.


We provide various system modules along with our services to make the system as comprehensive and responsive to user needs as possible.


Mobile Apps for concierges


City Passes or dynamic packaging


Group bookings ability


Event Ticketing Module


Credit module for all your credit needs


Data-mining reports


City passes or dynamic packaging


Real time reports for data mining reports

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